Talar Natural Skincare is a line of organic, plant-based skincare products founded on the principle that feeling beautiful means being comfortable in your skin. So nurture it with the best all natural ingredients for a glow inside and out.

Talar Sabounjian’s name translates to “evergreen soap,” and it is fitting as skincare has been her life’s work. A native of Los Angeles, she began her career as a makeup artist to A-list clientele and at esteemed brands including M.A.C., Benefit and Estée Lauder, amongst others.

She amassed a loyal following over the years, eventually opening her own business in 2013 in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. Talar also spent years studying the benefits of a wide variety of natural teas, oils, herbs and plants. Dedicating her days to clients and education, she would then work into the wee hours of the night at home, tinkering with her own elixirs based on natural plant extracts. Countless hours of research and refinement have yielded an introductory line of antioxidant rich mixtures used for healing and protection against the elements.

“If you wouldn’t want to eat it and have it absorbed into your body, don’t put it on your face and have it absorbed into your body,” she says. “It’s food science applied to topical skincare at its best. I’ve researched or used nearly every product on the market over the past decade. I am so proud and excited to share my products with the world, whether you are a longtime all natural beauty advocate or simply curious of its benefits.”

The Talar Natural Skincare line is six natural products: a facial cleanser, an exfoliator, a toner, a moisturizer, an eye cream and a serum specifically designed for anti-aging skin health. The products fuse Talar’s knowledge of natural ingredients and extensive experience as an aesthetician so you can, quite simply, love your skin. Her products are tested by people (not on animals), and her business is committed to leaving no carbon footprint and zero waste so the environment – and her key ingredients – can continue to thrive. She is constantly creating and will have an extension to her amazing line very soon!