One Woman's Story Behind Creating Her Own Beauty Line

One Woman's Story Behind Creating Her Own Beauty Line

I recently had the pleasure of randomly booking a facial with Talar Sabounjian, and as we got to talking, I realized this charming woman was more than just an aesthetician.  Being a hair stylist who has her hands in a lot of facets of the beauty industry myself, I quickly realized we had a lot in common.

Talar had recently created her own skincare line, Talar Natural Skincare, and I asked her if she'd be willing to share her story with us. Below is an inside look into what inspired her to take that huge step, and how she maintains and supports her independent business. 


What made you want to pursue a career in beauty?

One of My favorite reasons is having the ability to make people feel beautiful! There are so many inspirational things to be a part of and new things to learn in the beauty industry, so you never get bored. Besides skincare, I love to do makeup and be a part of fashion shows, editorial work, print, and film. Being a part of different facets of the industry allows you to think outside the box.

I am a people person and I love to get to know my clients to have an understanding of their lifestyle. This allows me to help them look and feel their most confident. 

It is music to my ears when a client tells me how wonderful their skin is and they are thankful to have met me. I am always thankful to meet them. I have made great friends doing what I do and I would not change it for the world. When it comes to beauty, the sky's the limit!


What inspired you to create your own skincare line?

My career as a makeup artist gave me a clear understanding of how important taking care of your skin is. I was often coming across situations where the skin was so congested, untextured, and dehydrated that it would be a challenge to perfect the skin with makeup. I really felt the need to educate clients on how to take care of their skin and how important it is to use natural products

There are many people like me that have looked at ingredients on a package and had no idea what it is they are putting on their skin. If you wouldn't want to eat it, don't put it on your face an have it absorbed into your body. It is food science applied to topical skincare at its best. People are desperate to buy natural and organic skincare they can trust. They want to buy products that only contain 100% natural ingredients. You do not need to buy skincare products packed with synthetic ingredients, cheap fillers and animal by-products.  

I listened to my client's concerns about how they wished they had glowing skin and didn't have to wear makeup. I would hear their insecurities and how it can affect their confidence, especially those who have to deal with acne. These concerns are my inspiration as I want everyone to feel beautiful and confident about themselves, especially their skin! 


How did you go from concept to production, and what inspires you to keep moving forward when you run into roadblocks?

I honestly didn't know anything about production when I started, but I didn't let that get in my way. I have always been that girl who just dives into something that I am excited about and doesn't really worry about the consequences. I guess I always learned life experiences best that way. 

I did my own research and really started to visualize the endless opportunities. I was not afraid to ask for help along the way and utilized all of my resources. I am so thankful to have inspirational friends, who with open arms, helped me with the knowledge they had. From brand consulting, logo, bio, website, shop cart, labels, bottles, printing, social media, etc. I took all of these notes and started to research and learn more and more about production. 

Roadblocks are a part of life whether it is personal or business. It is how you handle them that makes the world of difference. I have gone through many roadblocks but I never let them discourage me. I have learned  to keep calm, stand still when there is hardship, and move on. Things always work out when you are patient. What inspires me is to know that there is another beautiful day to come. 


How is your skincare line different from other products on the market?

I really wanted to have a line that caters to everyone. A line that is made with love. A line that was gentle, effective, and had powerhouse ingredients to prevent and correct premature aging, heal skin and make it glow. It is never too early or late to feed your skin with amazing powerful ingredients. I incorporated natural teas, oils, herbs, and plants to help heal the skin, preserve, and fight premature aging. Talar Natural Skincare is made with naturally derived and organic ingredients, and it is NEVER tested on animals. Every ingredient is hand selected to ensure it comes from natural, sustainable, organic or wildcrafted sources.  


Do you have words of wisdom for someone who's thinking about starting their own line of beauty products?

Start learning the steps to get there. It will take time and hard work but it is well worth it. I woke up every morning so excited to work on my line and researched till the wee hours of the night because I couldn't stop thinking about it. To this day, I am still researching new things all of the time.

I couldn't wait to hear my client's feedback and really wanted to impress them. So my advice is, if you are passionate about what you do and really imagine your line up on a shelf, then do it! You are creating something that you love to do anyway. How can that be a waste of time? Take your time and enjoy the process, be patient, be open, and go with what your heart tells you because you will learn so much. I am looking forward to launching more things in the near future. 

To book an appointment with Talar in Los Angles, or to purchase Talar Natural Skincare click here.

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